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What is moisture wicking fabrics and why you should wear them!

For years the classic, cotton polo shirt dominated the golf course bringing elegance and cool to the game. Now you'll probably hear the term, moisture wicking fabric thrown around in the world of golf apparel.  So what exactly is moisture wicking fabric and why you should be wearing it!

The natural fibre myth...

Most likely you would have been told, natural fibres good (breathable), synthetic fibres bad (not breathable). While this holds some truth, good quality synthetic materials such as moisture-wicking fabric out performs their cotton competition.

While a natural fibre like cotton is breathable, once the cotton becomes moist it will maintain the moisture. 

On the other hand, synthetic fibres give that feeling of stickiness and overheating which feels yucky!

Introducing your new best friend and secret weapon of performance wear, "moisture wicking fabric", the new definition of cool on the golf course and we mean literally. 

What is moisture wicking fabric?

A moisture-wicking fabric absorbs (or wicks) the sweat from the outer layer of the fabric while the other layer rapidly dries it providing comfort to the wearer. 

So how does the material ACTUALLY magically get rid of sweat? Moisture wicking fabric is made up of tiny little grooves (like little rivers), quickly drawing sweat away from your body, sending it down a little sweaty river. The spread of moisture makes it easier to evaporate unlike a big puddle of sweat. 

The fibres are hydrophobic coated (yes it literally translates to hates water). Skipping the class on atoms and molecules, hydrophobic molecules are non-polar molecules meaning they do not have charge and will physically not bond with polar molecules such as water. This gives the result of the fabric repelling water instead of absorbing it. 

How to pick a good, quality moisture wicking golf shirt?
Lots of brands will claim to use the magical fabric but be weary. Here's a couple of tips to help select your shirt that will keep you looking cool and fabulous.

1. Price
Good quality fabric this will bump the price up of manufacturing which means that the consumer will be pay more. The old saying, you get what you pay for usually reins true in this case. Be rest assured that if you take good care of your shirt, it will take care of you for a long time. This fabric can often be far more durable than cotton which will provide better value in the long run.

2. Fabric brand
Check the fabric brand. A lot of brands will tell you the fabric brand used to produce the shirt if the quality is a high as it provides credibility. For example, Eighteen Eves women's golf shirts use Subli-Cool, you can read up on the fabric here.

3. Cop a feel
You can kind of just tell. Have a feel of the fabric and gauge the smoothness. Is it silky to touch? If yes, that's a good start. If it's course, then not so good. 
Also give it a good stretch. Does it easily become see-through and feel fragile like. If so, give it a miss. You're looking for a durable feel when you stretch it.

Other benefits of moisture wicking fabric
And of course as a fashion brand, we can let you go with out telling you the fashion benefits of this wonder fabric.

These fabrics are easy to print on which means some brands like Eighteen Eves will offer a range of fun, feminine and fashionable prints for you to style and coordinate.

The fabric also allows paneling. Eighteen Eves uses paneling in their designs to give a more fitted look suitable for all body types. 

And lastly, this fabric also allows for an "off-course look". Eighteen Eves clothes are not only for the golf course. Our vision is to provide all-day wear for women of all ages, who want to look their best at all times, while feeling equally as comfortable.

In conclusion we hope that we have converted you to a better way of golf and life. Don't put up with sweaty clothes and boring polo shirts. And don't compromise style and comfort. Thanks to technology and design, you can have it all!

Until next time, happy golfing xoxo. 

Founder of Eighteen Eves

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